About Us

We are a UK based insurance brokerage, managing different specialist brands from providing gap insurance to helping our clients cover their wedding days.

About Alternative Propositions

Alternative Propositions have provided a wide range of insurance solutions to the public for the last eight years. We have built up a wide range of experiences and specialisms in numerous different fields of insurance. Our experienced agents have a knowledgeable and friendly approach to insurance. We get to know exactly what you need from your insurance, and provide the cover that suite you.


We are regulated by the FCA

Our FCA number is 602443.

Being regulated by them means that all of our practises follow certain rules to protect our customers and make sure that we trade in a proper and fair way.

We are a registered company

Our Registered Company number is 8253536.

Your FAQs Answered

Why is all correspondence Alternative Insurance Brokers?

Alternative Insurance Brokers (AIB) is our original brand and where we do a majority of our business. All correspondence is done through this name. So if you are calling about your gap policy, or wedding insurance, our staff will communicate with their AIB email addresses.

Why do you have so many names?

Alternative Propositions trade through a number of different trading names. This is to help customers differentiate between the different products that we offer. It helps us to focus on giving relevant information specifically for the product you are looking for.

How do I check your regulations?

Please visit the link provided above to see our regulations. However, if you have any concerns about us, or an insurer we are using, please contact our team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do you work?

A client will come to use with a specific insurance need. We will take all the details we need, then go away and get as many quotes as we can. This may be instant over the phone, or we may have to go away and come back to the client once we have the quotes together. The quotes will then be presented to the client, with all the information laid out. This is so they can make an informed decision on the best policy for their needs. Once decided, we will set up the policy and get the documents sent straight to their inbox.

Who do you work with?

Our team work with a wide panel of insurers, meaning when you approach us for a quote we work on behalf of you to get as many offers as we can. We will then help you to compare the different covers, helping you to choose the most suitable policy for your needs at the best price.

We always make sure we are happy with the insurers we use, so we are confident that they are a suitable option for our customers.

Why have I been asked for Bank Transfer to your account?

Some policies we sell are in areas of high fraud risk. Impounded Insurance, for example, has previously had a high rate of card fraud in payments. As a result, Alternative Insurance Brokers do not take card payments for policies of this type and will ask for payment to be made via bank transfer.

We have years of experience helping our clients find the perfect policy.